David Fischer's
Wild Musical Mushroom Show

Featuring Complementary "Wild" Mushroom Hors D'oeuvres!

A Remarkable Exposť on Nature's Fifth Kingdom featuring Splendid Original Music and Stunning Fungal Photography in a Captivating Performance by Mycologist, Photographer, Author and Composer David W. Fischer image David W. Fischer is a well known expert on wild mushrooms, author of Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America, coauthor of Mushrooms of Northeastern North America, and creator and webmaster of AmericanMushrooms.com.

Jewels of the Fifth Kingdom
A stunning slide show synchronized to
an original music soundtrack
Please Don't Call Them Toadstools
A fascinating slide-show
in the form of an epic lyrical poem!
Questions and Answers
An opportunity for audience members
to get even more answers

A sample of the lyrical narration:
"I must be a mushroom," some T-shirts declare,
"for they keep me in darkness, which doesn't seem fair,
and they feed me manure, which I barely can bear!"

But the truth is, most mushrooms need plenty of light,
and the fact is, they seek it, they seek it all night,
because if they don't have it, they cannot grow right.
And a meal of cow-dung for most mushrooms won't do—
except for a special and privileged few.

Autographed books, T-shirts, DVDs and more available for purchase at the show

Now scheduling performances through 2010 at restaurants,
museums, nature centers, and arts centers in the northeastern U.S.
A special Dinner Show option is available for quality restaurants.
For booking information, contact David Fischer by sending an e-mail to…
to contact David Fischer, send an e-mail to 'mycology@aol.com'

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